big natty daddy closes his social media accounts

Big Natty Daddy Documentary

The documentary “15 and Injecting Steroids” by the BBC shows Big Natty Daddy in his prime when he was injecting anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The documentary also states that Big Natty Daddy is no longer using anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, as well as him being off all social media, which we already knew ever since he disappeared from social media in the beginning of September 2015.

What I believe what happened is that Big Natty Daddy sold all rights to his videos to the BBC and other television producers as well as making a deal with them or perhaps someone else that he will get off all anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Big Natty Daddy Shuts Down His Social Media Accounts

Big Natty Daddy, or the fifteen year old teenager that took performance enhancing drugs such as steroids, has recently closed all of his social media accounts, such as his Instagram page and YouTube channel.

His once famous pictures are now wiped off from the face of the internet. Perhaps it was the inability to handle his new found fame that made him do this, or maybe the “haters” really got to him in a psychological point of view. No one knows, the real reasons why he did this except himself. I however, at least can make a few assumptions on why he did this.

My first assumption is that his stubbornness and his defensive attitude against the “haters” really hit him hard. Many people do not realize that there are a lot of crazy people on this planet, perhaps one of the “haters” took offence on how Big Natty Daddy responded to him, and gave Big Natty Daddy a warning and a death threat. That alone can make any “fearless” teenager shit his pants, especially if the other person is really crazy and has unwanted information about you.

My other assumption, however is a much more peaceful one then the previous one above. Perhaps he realized that this whole thing was a waste of time and that he needed his own space, or maybe his parents found out….

Overall, there are a lot of assumptions on why Big Natty Daddy did this, however in the end the one that really knows this answer, is not me, you or one of the haters or fanboys, but him, himself!


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