Big Natty Daddy Documentary

The documentary “15 and Injecting Steroids” by the BBC shows Big Natty Daddy in his prime when he was injecting anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The documentary also states that Big Natty Daddy is no longer using anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, as well as him being off all social media, which we already knew ever since he disappeared from social media in the beginning of September 2015.

What I believe what happened is that Big Natty Daddy sold all rights to his videos to the BBC and other television producers as well as making a deal with them or perhaps someone else that he will get off all anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Big Natty Daddy The Fifteen Year Old Juicer

You guys might have heard of the famous steroid user called Big Natty Daddy which made the bodybuilding headlines a couple of weeks ago. Now he is not your typical bodybuilder, first off he is only fifteen years old, yes you ready that right only fifteen years old. Second off he has been abusing various performance enhancers for the last couple of months and man I got to say he looks insane for a fifteen year old kid.

I don’t know how he affords the various or how he gets the steroids, but I got to give him props for stepping into the dark side of bodybuilding and doing what he wants to do. I have nothing against him, he knows what he is getting himself into. However, I believe, he shouldn’t have touched any steroids that young, he should of waited a couple more years, build a good foundation and then start juicing his brains out.

P.S I wish him all the best in his bodybuilding endeavor and I hope that one day that he can make a career out of bodybuilding and make it worthwhile it for what he is doing to his body. I really hope so.

To see how he looks like check out this link. 


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