Big Natty Daddy Documentary

The documentary “15 and Injecting Steroids” by the BBC shows Big Natty Daddy in his prime when he was injecting anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The documentary also states that Big Natty Daddy is no longer using anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, as well as him being off all social media, which we already knew ever since he disappeared from social media in the beginning of September 2015.

What I believe what happened is that Big Natty Daddy sold all rights to his videos to the BBC and other television producers as well as making a deal with them or perhaps someone else that he will get off all anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

What’s The Deal With Palumboism?


Palumboism is a very rare and complex disease only seen in the ranks of professional bodybuilders, especially the ones from the 1990’s and 2000’s eras.

Palumboism effects mostly the limbs and especially the midsection area. Where the width of the ribs, waist and pelvis grow disproportionately, while the obliques thicken thus rendering the person from sucking in and holding in their stomachs. Something known as the vacuum in the bodybuilding world.

Where Did The Name Palumboism Come From?:

Palumboism was first noticed during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It was first noticed on bodybuilder Dave Palumbo, hence the name Palumboism.


Palumboism is a funny disease, since no one knows what really causes it. Some people speculate and assume that the reason the bodybuilders in the 1990’s and 2000’s got it was because of the high does HGH (human growth hormone) and insulin. I believe that in fact these are some of the causes of the disease. If you notice the bodybuilders from the beginning of competitive bodybuilding all the way to the early 1990’s, you’ll notice not a single person with the disease or its symptoms.

However, I believe the main culprit of Palumboism is stress and adrenal fatigue. Bodybuilders put vast amounts of stress on their bodies from various things, such as forced eating, steroid and performance enhancer use and weight training, which in itself is very stressful to the central nervous system.

Over time, it’s no wonder these people’s bodies begin to breakdown. Stress can do that to a person and high stress levels is one of the indications of adrenal fatigue.

Therefore the main causes of Palumboism can be broken down into these four areas

1. High steroid usage

2. High HGH/insulin usage

3. Stress

4. Adrenal fatigue


There are currently no known cures for Palumbosim. The only solution to the disease is if the person gives their bodies a rest, meaning no more usage of steroids and other various performance enhancers. Simple rest and recovery will soothe the disease and halt it right into it’s tracks.


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The Five Tale-Tale Signs of Steroid Usage

When we all see a massive and shredded guy in the gym we all want to know either his muscle building secrets or if he is on steroids. Well, my friends with these five tale-tale signs of steroid usage below, you will uncover even the most deceitful of steroid use.

Sign 1: Big Traps

Whenever someone has big traps it could be for a variety of reasons, either they are genetically gifted or they are on steroids. The reason why the trapezoid muscle gets pumped up and huge when someone is taking steroids is because there is a large concentration of androgenic receptors in the human upper body. Especially in the traps, delts and chest areas.

When someone is taking anabolic and or androgenic steroids they introduce a large volume and concentration of testosterone or a different variety of testosterone in the their bodies. Now, where does all of this testosterone go? Well it’s quite simple the testosterone molecule attaches itself to the androgenic receptors, especially the ones found in the traps, delts and chest region!

Sign 2: Armor Plated Chest

The other tale-tale sign of steroid usage is a huge thick armor plated chest. The chest region in the human body doesn’t have as much androgenic receptors at the traps and delts do, but still it has a higher concentration of these receptors then the rest of the body.

Sign 3: 3-D Delts

Again 3-D delts are a sign of steroid usage because once again that is the area where a high and vast concentration of androgenic receptors are located. When someone takes steroids they will notice a vast increase in size in their traps, delts and chest first before noticing any other growth in their body.

Sign 4: Pointy and Long Nipples

This is a sign, I noticed with most heavy duty steroid users and even the small time users. Their nipples become pointy, long and even there areolas shrink, signalling a sign of very high testosterone levels. way above the normal levels!

Sign 5: Gynecomastia 

Gynecomastia is another tale-tale sign of steroid usage. Now, the more experienced steroid users will hide and get rid of their gynecomastia if they had any in the first place by introducing an estrogen blocker such as Arimidex.

An inexperienced steroid user however, might not afford or know of estrogen blockers such as Arimidex, and boom all of a sudden gynecomastia will hit them harder then a hammer.

Gynecomastia is a result of too much estrogen in the male body. When an inexperienced user takes steroids their testosterone levels increase and so do their estrogen levels, since the human body always wants to be in the state of equilibrium. Not to mentions also some of the testosterone aromatizes into estrogen due to the aromatase enzyme.

Overall, I hope that these five tale-tale signs of steroid usage helps you to spot fakes naturals in the gym! However, it shouldn’t matter to you if they are taking steroids or not, since it’s their body and it’s none of your business, but the real reasons I wrote this article is because some people find this topic very interesting!


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How Social Media Is Going To Amp Up Steroid Usage

Some say social media is a curse others say it is a gift from heaven, I am personally in the middle of that quarrel and I truly believe that social media is going to amp up steroid usage among teenagers and young adults. With social media these young people have access to unlimited amount of information and pictures of their favorite fitness stars.

They see the sexy girls, the luxurious cars and the godly physique these fitness stars have and most likely the people viewing these pictures will try to mimic that lifestyle. That is why you see a huge explosion in the amount of people that hit the weights. No one knew what the gym was back twenty or thirty years ago but thanks to social media gym memberships across the country and the world I would assume gym memberships exploded.

This is not good, and with the NPC/IFBB making a new classic bodybuilding division, I believe that will only speed up the process. I am totally against steroid usage among young adults and if you are a young adult and is thinking of taking anabolic steroids, well good luck to you. Yes, you will live the good life for a while, you will most likely get the opposite sex’s attention with your new muscles and such but eventually that will cease to exist in the long term. As you get older you will most likely be pinning your ass with a needle every week because your endocrine system is so screwed up that without synthetic hormones your body can’t function from day to day. Unless you know that you will be Mr. Olympia someday or a professional athlete I would advise you to stay away from anabolic steroids!


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Big Natty Daddy The Fifteen Year Old Juicer

You guys might have heard of the famous steroid user called Big Natty Daddy which made the bodybuilding headlines a couple of weeks ago. Now he is not your typical bodybuilder, first off he is only fifteen years old, yes you ready that right only fifteen years old. Second off he has been abusing various performance enhancers for the last couple of months and man I got to say he looks insane for a fifteen year old kid.

I don’t know how he affords the various or how he gets the steroids, but I got to give him props for stepping into the dark side of bodybuilding and doing what he wants to do. I have nothing against him, he knows what he is getting himself into. However, I believe, he shouldn’t have touched any steroids that young, he should of waited a couple more years, build a good foundation and then start juicing his brains out.

P.S I wish him all the best in his bodybuilding endeavor and I hope that one day that he can make a career out of bodybuilding and make it worthwhile it for what he is doing to his body. I really hope so.

To see how he looks like check out this link. 


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Performance Enhancing Drugs Are Used Everywhere

Don’t be fooled, performance enhancing drugs are used in most of the competitive sports. Just because an athlete doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, doesn’t mean they don’t take any performance enhancing drugs. Look at Lance Armstrong for example the guy was a cyclist yet he took performance enhancers. If you saw him on the street, you would never guess it.

Which makes me come to the conclusion that the anti-doping committee and tests are a joke. In most sports they do not even test for all of the illegal substances. How can you have a clean sport if your anti-doping tests and committee are a joke?. The answer to that is simply you can’t!

Therefore don’t be fooled, performance enhancing drugs are used in most sports. Sports are supposed to be something natural, clean, fun and of course contain a little bit of friendly competition, while trying to make it as equal as possible. Sports should not be tainted with performance enhancing drugs, because it taints the image of the sports fame and general popularity towards the general population.

How To Keep Your Muscular Gains After A Heavy Duty Steroid Cycle


Stop trying to find information on how to keep your muscular gains after the steroid cycle which you have done because simply put after your last injection or pop you will go right back to where you started and nothing will stop or save your downfall. There is nothing you can do about it, except if you want to take steroids or TRT/HRT for the rest of your life just to maintain a small percentage of your gains. You did your cycle and got massive amounts of muscles, you where most likely shredded too and got looks from both sexes, the best thing you can do now is to try to achieve that naturally or just simply stop, since you’ve been there and done that.

How? Why?:

You might be asking the same kind of questions right now. Well simply put once you introduce anabolic steroids into your system your testosterone level skyrockets way above your maximum genetic level. This extra testosterone in your system can be used to repair and build up muscle mass very quickly.

Once you go off completely you will simply be back to square one which where you started before you started injecting or popping. If your one of the lucky one and built a foundation before starting an anabolic steroid cycle then you will go back to that state but if you had no foundation you will simply crash and by crash I mean crash hard. Why? Well simply put because your body can’t produce the massive amount of testosterone you had in your system when you where taking steroids.

Now What?:

The best thing to do now is to wait. If you haven’t taken your PTC do it now.  Hopefully your hypothalamus will notice the drop of natural testosterone in your body and will make the body ramp up its own natural production of testosterone.

I Want To Take Steroids:

If you want to take steroids make sure your doing it for a real purpose or desire and not for five minutes of fame in a nightclub, beach or whatever.  If you are thinking about it just do your research before you start because you don’t want to be on TRT or HRT for the rest of your life, at least I know I don’t.

Fake Muscles vs Real Muscles Pros and Cons

The whole fitness industry contains a whole lot of people which have fake muscles, obtained either through steroids or with some other bodybuilding drugs such as insulin and HGH and or with site enhancement oils such as synthol.

Now, do not get me wrong a user which uses these drugs in the fitness industry most likely has to work even harder than the natural lifters out there. They most likely have to put in much more time for bodybuilding during their week and weekend days rather then the naturals which can miss a couple of meals here and there and nothing will happen to them. Now, the sheer fact that these people in the fitness industry have enough balls to take the drugs which they are currently taking means that they have a tremendous amount of dedication and I have nothing but respect for them since they are trying to be in the best in their sports.

However, though many people which have no desire to compete but instead want to look beautiful, see these pros and mimic them completely. Instead of staying natural many of these people turn to the juice and screw themselves over in the future, all of a couple of minutes of fame in the club and so on.

Look if you are thinking of taking steroids or other performance enhancing drugs please do you research and make sure your doing it for a purpose, such as for a sport such as bodybuilding or basketball and so on.

Fake Muscles Pros:                         

1. Easy to lose fat

2. Easy to gain muscle mass

Fake Muscles Cons:

1. Muscular gains are lost once the user stops taking the performance enhancing drugs

2. The users natural testosterone and other hormones productions have been shut down

3. Hormone levels are messed up

4. Once off the performance enhancing drugs, natural production of hormone could take a long time to recover or will not recover to previous levels

Real Muscles Pros:

1. Muscular gains stay with you forever

2. A muscular foundation is built

3. Testosterone production will increase

Real Muscles Cons:

1. Hard to gain muscle mass

2. Hard to lose fat

Don’t Worry It Takes Time

I have been getting a lot of messages from people looking for the easiest and fastest way to building muscle. My answer to that is that it takes time. If your not making any muscular gains yet, don’t worry it takes time. There is no need for you to get pissed off at yourself, everything in life takes time, from doing making a fortune to building a beautiful muscular physique. Like I said there is no need for you to get mad at yourself sure, your not making any gains yet, but trust me just give it time. Don’t believe me, look at your favorite bodybuilding heroes. It took time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to build their body to the way it is now. Even if they where on steroids for a long time you can still see that over the course of time, they gotten bigger and better, due to their training, diet and of course due to the steroids.  

So realize this, if you think you can get a muscular physique overnight, think again. It takes time, discipline, blood, sweat and tears to get it. Hell, it took me a year to build my body up from the ground. I used to be skinny, very skinny but due to my never giving up attitude and discipline I was able to transform my body, from a 140 pound weakling to a 200 plus pound machine. You too can do the same, just follow the advice on this site and never ever give up. Keep pushing until you reach your goal! So, what are you waiting for, let’s go and build some muscle!


Contact me at for any questions you got regarding bodybuilding and fitness. Thank you!

Five Stupid Steroid Myths Busted


Back in the day you must have heard some stupid steroid myths and probably you still believe them. Well I am here today to break these stupid steroid myths, and I know that you will learn a thing or two on the way.

P.S I have never done steroids in my life, however though as with any young kid I wanted fast results, however though through research I have learned that steroids are not for me and I would like to stay natural and see how far I can take my body.

Lie One: Steroids Will Kill You

The media has brainwashed people into thinking that the use of steroids will kill them. I don’t know how a little bit of extra hormones in your body will kill you but that is what people believe. If I lined up a bottle of Dianabol, which is a steroid and a bottle of Aspirin and said “Which one would you be able to swallow all hundred tablets and be absolutely sure you wouldn’t die” I would personally pick the Dianabol over the Aspirin. A whole bottle of Aspirin will burn a hole though your stomach and make you die, while a whole bottle of Dianabol will screw up your hormone levels.

Don’t believe me check this out. In an emergency room visit study during the year two thousand nine, Aspirin ranked twenty-fifth at seven thousand and thirty-one emergency room visit. While steroids ranked at one hundred forty-second at three hundred and fourteen emergency room visits.

Now I am not saying that you should take as much steroids as possible, but realize this, anything in excess will cause problems so be smart!

Lie Two: Increased Bone and Head Growth From Steroids

Steroids will not make your bones and head grow, human growth hormone will do that but steroids wont. Steroids will however cause your cartilage to grow. This means that if you take steroids your nose and ears will grow since they are mostly made from cartilage. However though from the research that I have done, this “growth” is very little and most people do not realize that their nose and ears are growing.

Lie Three: Steroids Will Make Your Penis Shrink

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard with conjunction with steroids. Yes, steroids will make your testicles shrink, but they will not make you penis shrink. Actually, your penis might grow from the increased blood flow from the steroids.

Lie Four: Steroids Cause Roid Rage

This is absolutely not true, just because you take steroids doesn’t mean that you will kill your neighbor because they woke you up in the middle of the night. Steroids will however amplify your personality, if your naturally aggressive than steroids will amplify that way more but if you’re a naturally chill person nothing will happen if you take steroids.

Lie Five: Steroids Will Make You Into A Freak Show

Steroids will not make you into a freak show, however if you take mega doses of steroids with human growth hormone and insulin than you will look insane. This deadly combination is enough to turn you into a human gorilla. If you only take a couple of milligrams of steroids here and there this wont be enough to turn you into a freak and you will probably look more aesthetic than a freak.


Overall steroids are prescription drugs and they have some dangerous side effects to them. Most of these side effects are well-known and can be easily treated.

If your thinking about taking steroids, I would like to advise you that you must do your research!